Putting Customer Experience First

- Amy Freed Humbert - Sales - October 12, 2016

Steve Jobs said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” It’s easy to see how that applies to his baby, the iPhone, where the experience of the end-user was the driver of the phone’s design and capabilities. But how about in your client relationships: Do you think about what their experience is when putting together your marketing and sales programs, or are you so focused on the product that you forget about the customer?

No matter what you are selling or manufacturing – cell phones, cars, investment services, or even trade show displays – creating a unique customer experience that is unparalleled in your industry is what keeps customers coming back. This includes not only the customer’s experience with your product, service, or solution but also the customer’s experience with your company.

Nothing dramatized this more than a recent occurrence at CEI. Years ago we had client relationships with two different companies, and the main contact with each of those companies left to seek other opportunities. When they landed in their new positions – now both working for the same company – they immediately recognized the need for trade show support. They were quick to share the positive customer experiences they had in their previous positions and were thrilled to discover they were both talking about the same company. Without RFP, RFQ, or a major vetting process, CEI was able to secure a new business relationship based on past customer experience.

CEI recognizes there are many choices for displays, lobbies, and interactive technology. But we don’t just build exhibit properties; we build relationships. And that’s what keeps our customers coming back.