Designing Exhibits for Unique Customer Engagements

- Brian Walters - Trade Shows and Creative Spaces - November 16, 2016

The expectation of the customer experience at trade shows has changed considerably in the past few years. Engagement is a key objective when developing marketing strategies and as computer technologies become more common, the stakes are being raised to create more relevant one-of-a-kind environments. CEI focuses on using video game technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) to build B2B experiences for trade shows. VR is the perfect solution for industries to increase and further their customer engagement. Along with the characteristic excitement it raises, VR adds an enticing layer of information and communication to the trade show floor.

VR Concept Booth

Most interactive developers only work with the electronic hardware and programming code to create a VR experience. Along the same lines, most trade show design companies only focus on building cabinetry but at CEI, we take it a lot further than that. Including designing and mapping physical properties into the virtual space that mixes the visual with the tactile experience. We create an experience that transcends the physical space and immerses customers into a whole new level that makes learning entertaining and memorable. We focus on the fact that 65% of people are visual learners and that they will retain information better when it’s presented in a story format.

Innovations Lab VR Test Track

We start each project by carefully listening to our clients to describe the kind of experience they want their customers to have including learning about their products or services. It is our job to not only create an exceptional VR experience but to attract customers to the physical displays. We design them to be inviting, aesthetically interesting, physically functional and above all else to tell your product’s story in a memorable way. Calling on our almost 40 years of design and fabrication capabilities and experiences, CEI works hand-in-hand with our in-house expert programmers and VR developers to accomplish the extraordinary.

VR Interactive Chair

Whether you are looking to add an experience to your next exhibit or you are looking for a new way to engage customers at your office, our staff can offer new exciting solutions to improve your customer’s experience. Learn how we can help you at your next event by signing up for a free creative consultation where we’ll show you how to use VR with your product to ensure you’re generating better leads at your next event.