The Value of Virtual Reality (VR) in B2B Marketing

- Ryan Zickefoose - Sales - November 16, 2016

The latest in video game technology is transitioning quickly to the trade show floor and the business potential for Virtual Reality (VR) makes it one of the most desired new exhibit technologies.

When used properly, VR creates a lasting impression with attendees and connects customers more strongly with brands by engaging them in a dialogue and two-way, cooperative interaction. In fact, recent studies have shown an unprecedented increase in attraction, social interactions, and dwell time on the trade show floor. The average dwell time on the trade show floor is about seven minutes. With VR, it has shown to increase over 100%! If your goal is to acquire leads at your next trade show, then VR will surely give you a leg up on your competition and build value around your product or service.

Not only will VR give you pay-off on the trade show floor, but there is also now an immediate opportunity in VR for mobile adoption. Your digital experience can easily be transitioned into a tool that your sales agents can utilize in the field. The technology can be converted into an application which sales representative have access to on their smartphone or tablet. Imagine having the ability to bring your product or service to life in every sales meeting!

You might say, “All of this sounds great but, what about the budget?” Actually, creating a VR experience doesn’t have to be hugely expensive or difficult and the return is incredibly valuable. But creating an original experience that engages customers beyond physical and digital brand experiences can be a challenge and requires the appropriate team. We can create the engaging experiences your customers deserve. Let us show you how.