Attendees Remember That One Exhibit, Display or Activity

- Brian Walters - Trade Shows and Creative Spaces - July 18, 2016

First Impressions Count! 
Attendees at any event often remember that one special exhibit, display or activity more than the event itself. Studies show that creating an emotional tie through engaging experiences create longer-lasting recall of that event.

Ultimately you never get a second chance to make a first impression and this year’s Republican National Convention is a huge opportunity for Cleveland businesses to leave that lasting impression with the thousands of people expected to descend on the region! The new Global Center for Health Innovation, the Cleveland Public Library, and Playhouse Square have each invested in restorations and renovations of displays, signage, reception areas, and unique technologies, creating compelling visuals and high tech encounters to welcome and inform attendees.

Playhouse Square and Global Center Virtual Presenters

The Global Center for Health Innovation and Playhouse Square worked with CEI to provide the technology platform and holographic virtual greeters that connect with their visitors. Using an integrated iPad, the interactive “greeters” make recommendations to browse for local places to dine, various points of interest around the neighborhood, or to download coordinating apps. Additional content such as schedules and collateral can easily be emailed to the user right on the spot.

1st Impressions Count

At the Cleveland Public Library, CEI completed the fabrication and installation of an all-new wayfinding system that consisted of signage, lighting, and displays.

The continued success of CEI’s exhibit work has led us to more unique opportunities and collaborations with local designers, architects, and artists to transform creative ideas into the kinds of innovation that solve your most pressing business challenges.