RNC 2016: Official App with Live Streaming 360 Video

- Brett Marriner - Interactive Solutions - July 18, 2016

Live streaming video has quickly become a prominent way to boost engagement and interact with your audience. Sharing events in real time can make them feel more connected to your company or industry.

As the 2016 Republican National Convention invades Cleveland, many people want to be there but would prefer to not actually “be” there. That puts the spotlight on the first female digital director in convention history, Samantha Osborne, who has developed the RNC 2016: Official App, the most advanced app to ever be deployed at any political convention.

RNC 2016 Cleveland - Republican National Convention

What makes this app stand out? The technology in it provides an immersive experience for people who can’t attend the event through the use of 360-degree streaming video, allowing them to watch speeches at the convention and explore turn-by-turn maps of the event. To get a glimpse of this amazing advance in 360-degree video, take a look at the following links to get a feel for what’s possible (for best results, view on your mobile device)

Cleveland Rock Box 3D Art

Download the “RNC 2016: Official App” now from the Apple Store and Google Play store and follow along with the action and imagine how this 360 technology can upgrade your marketing tactics. At CEI, we’ve been experimenting with several 360-degree cameras and are very excited to be a part of bringing this to the B2B market. Take your trade shows, plant tours, sales meetings to the next level and beyond with 360-degree live or pre-recorded 360 video.

Side note, Google is the official live stream partner of the convention and will be running the videos on a YouTube channel for those who want to follow along outside of the app.