Improve Your Exhibit’s ROI on the Trade Show Floor

- Erik McLaughlin - Content Management Platforms - September 7, 2016

Do you participate in trade shows to build brand equity by connecting prospects with your brand? Maybe you’re announcing new product launches, or filling your sales pipeline for the upcoming season. Ultimately, lead capture is one of the most crucial elements to having a successful event and in making sure you achieve your ROI.BizBOOK infographic

Solving the lead generation puzzle is complex, and correctly choosing the right tools to enhance your efforts can be even more confusing. Older tactics such as badge scanners, business cards, and hardcopy sales literature still have their place, but often that content becomes buried in folders full of competing materials or can even be found in waste bins on the way off the show floor. This results in not just resource waste, but even more loss in opportunity cost for your event.

The power of digital content is not only more immersive and engaging for your brand, but it allows for the ability to quickly build lists of prospects on the show floor, track content usage and ensure quick follow-up – all of which are crucial to conversion. With the evolution and constant adoption of new forms of digital content becoming more and more business practical, new information is becoming available to sales and marketing teams which can be harnessed to amazing potential.

The content management system (CMS) space is competitive with many alternatives available. Many of the platforms available prove to be cumbersome or not as intuitive as needed, in turn, leading to disorganization and poor adoption amongst the sales team. After years of research and development with our clients, CEI has developed a turnkey CMS solution called BizBOOK that takes a centralized approach to these processes and brings additional value through key content analytics and lead management tools.

BizBOOK is a Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software platform designed to give you full control of your organizations content, stay consistent and always have your most up-to-date literature throughout your entire team. Upload, organize and share materials while tracking team activity and key analytics.

Your customers want what you have. Make it happen efficiently and reduce costs with BizBOOK to guarantee your sales reps in the field always have the necessary tools, increase customer fulfillment and improve collaboration and communication no matter the time or location.