International CES 2015: Experiencing the latest trade show and exhibit trends

- Brian Walters - Technology Highlights - January 22, 2015

It was my first trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and it was well worth it! Rich Berkheimer, who has attended CES twice before came along, and together we explored what was new in technology and design. With over 160,000 attendees and over two million square feet of exhibit space to cover in only three days, we were up for the challenge.

3D Scanning, Transparent Displays, Oculus VR

Some of the leading trends we discovered that interested us were 4K and 8K LED TVs, 3D printers and Intel® RealSense Technology for scanning. Many models cost less than $3,000 and future models were reaching a price point under $500. There are even 3D printers that print sugar and chocolate as well as printers that print plastics, flexible vinyl and metal.

Our visit to the Oculus exhibit offered the best virtual 3D experience at the show. The new virtual reality headset they are calling “Cresent Bay” is not available to developers yet, but it finally has the high resolution they have been promising and integrated headphones for a more immersive 3D experience. The Samsung Gear VR headset was a great headset that is available now and comes complete with integrated controls for selecting menus built right into the side of the headset. Only $200 if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for around $300. The phone just snaps into place and becomes your screen as you look through two lenses. It was a fairly good experience but lacked the resolution and the software movement integration that brought the Oculus to life.

There were many other smaller convenience products like Link, the wireless wristband that can stream any file to any device, without any wires or an internet connection. With up to 1 Terabyte of SSD storage, it is great for streaming video and sharing information at speeds up to 1,300MB/s. Our overall experiences at CES 2015, was very productive and informative. We are looking forward to the many products and advances we all will see in the future marketplace.