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About Our Content Management Platforms

Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) platforms are tailored specifically for the sales and marketing process as well as engineered around content deployment and lead management. Our approach is very different than the big name file hosting platforms, which are only focused on generic file storage and transfer. Reduce costs with our uQue BizBOOK and CONNECT platforms which guarantee your field sales team always has the necessary tools to close deals efficiently. Increase customer fulfillment and improve collaboration and communication no matter the time or location.

Solving the lead generation puzzle is complex, and correctly choosing the right tools to enhance your efforts can be even more confusing. Older tactics such as badge scanners, business cards and hardcopy sales literature still have their place, but often that content becomes buried in folders full of competing materials or can even be found in waste bins on the way off the show floor. This results in resource waste, and even more loss in opportunity cost for your event.

The power of digital content is not only more immersive and engaging for your brand, but it allows for the ability to quickly build lists of prospects on the show floor, track content usage and ensure quick follow-up – all of which are crucial to conversion. With the evolution and constant adoption of new forms of digital content becoming more and more business practical, new information is becoming available to sales and marketing teams which can be harnessed to amazing potential.

CEI and Glass Slate Digital Are The Content Management Experts

After years of research and development with our clients, CEI’s Glass Slate Digital has developed turnkey CMS solutions. We take a centralized approach to the sales and marketing process, bringing additional value through key content analytics and lead management tools. Derived from our over 40 years of experience in the tradeshow industry, these tools have been continuously refined based on our client’s needs and now we offer these same tools to you.

Features & Benefits We Can Provide

  • CUSTOM BRANDED for a 360° experience ready to use
  • WORKS OFFLINE so you never have to worry about Wi-Fi again. Content is stored locally and information will transfer once an internet connection is established
  • DIGITAL CONTENT allows you to instantly make content updates consistently across all users/kiosks
  • SECURE DATA on our cloud-based server with off-site backups and encryption allow you to focus on what’s important
  • FILE TYPES from PDFs, Word documents, MP4 files and more are compatible
  • LEAD CAPTURE is easy, gather customer contact info and document their interests in your products and services
  • ANALYTICS will help you gather important interaction data
  • ADMINSTRATOR roles can be designated to one or multiple people in your organization to manage content updates, branding, and user permissions/roles
  • PERMISSIONS allow you to customize organized data and manage content across your entire footprint by categories like product, service, region or language
  • REMOTE and ON SITE TECHNICAL SUPPORT will give you peace of mind
  • FREE ONBOARDING so you can get started right away

Example Industries/Markets

  • Small to Large distributed sales teams
  • Self service kiosks for retail, hospitality and tradeshow
  • Virtual Presenters, Assistants, Reps

Relevant Projects/Case Studies

  • Bizbook: Wayne, Wastequip and Simon
  • Connect: 30.06, Fin, Global Center, Playhouse square, Bendix, Nilco

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