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Metal Fabrication

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Why Metal Fabrication?

Metal Fabrication is the skilled craft of creating and manipulating structures and components from various metals through cutting, bending and assembling. CEI utilizes metal fabrication to create custom structures and displays that take your exhibit to another level.

Metal Fabrication Adds Value

At CEI we don’t allow our clients visions to be limited by our in-house capabilities. We have built a team of experts along with the equipment and facilities to allow us to further push the boundaries of exhibit design utilizing in-house metal fabrication. Metal Fabrication not only provides additional design flexibility, but also can provide reduced costs in areas like drayage, shipping and setup labor. Creating exhibits using lighter weight aluminum makes for easier assembling and disassembling.

CEI is a Metal Fabrication Expert

CEI’s Metal Fabrication team is comprised of highly skilled team members with multifaceted experience in the many areas of Metal Fabrication including: engineering, cutting, rolling, drilling, machining, welding, grinding, paint prep and painting. Not only does CEI possess the skillset to transform raw materials into unique metal structures, but we also have the wide range of equipment needed to perform all these functions in-house.

Features & Benefits We Can Provide

  • Control cost and measure of quality within restricted timelines with in-house production capabilities
  • Deadline accuracy and cost efficiency from design to completion
  • Wide range of specialized equipment: press brake, CNC Plasma cutter, rolling/forming machines, milling machines, lathes, TIG welders, and MIG welders
  • In-house Paint Prep and Painting

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