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Logistics Management

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Why Logistics Management?

Our business revolves around hard deadlines. Years in the tradeshow and event space has led us to continuously refining our approach to the logistics management process. We don’t risk letting logistics errors be the cause of a loss of your investment.

There are two distinct areas of Logistics Management at CEI. The first relates to production. Activities typically include inbound of raw materials, order fulfillment, inventory management, supply/demand planning, sourcing and procurement, production planning, packaging, and outbound of the finished product. The second relates to our customer-owned inventory of finished products. This includes the inbound and outbound to specific events, inbound and outbound to our internal staging areas for setups, inventory management, and warehouse personnel planning. This takes place at all levels of planning and execution – strategic, operational and tactical.

Logistics Management Adds Value

CEI Logistics Management allows for control of most, if not all, the stages along the supply chain, from production to distribution. With CEI’s improved synchronizing cycles and lead times, logistics supports better marketing and demand response, thus anticipating flows and allocating distribution resources accordingly.

By streamlining the supply chain, logistics contribute to the reduction of production costs with appropriate shipment size, packaging and inventory levels. The added value deriving from having goods and services available when required along the supply chain with better inventory and transportation management.

CEI are Logistics Management Experts

CEI is a fully custom manufacturer, so we need to adopt a demand-driven logistics model most often. As a result, we create strategies where all of the primary functions of the business come together as a team to review, discuss and plan business activities.

Features & Benefits We Can Provide

  • Reduced production costs
  • Access to expanded markets and lower distribution costs
  • Better inventory and transportation management
  • Deadline accuracy and cost efficiency from design to completion
  • First hand information, quicker project progression without delays

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