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Why Carpentry?

Carpentry is the skilled craft of cutting, shaping, and building to create highly detailed exhibits, structures and cabinets. Carpentry allows us to meet complex design challenges and create unique physical elements for all of our exhibits and displays that are impossible to achieve with “out-of-the-box” systems. We are firm believers in creating unique experiences for your brand, our custom carpentry solutions enable us to get the most impact out of your space.

In-House Carpentry Adds Value

In-house Carpentry capabilities allow for CEI to create one-of-a-kind structures while controlling the integrity of the design, function and quality of each project. CEI employs a team of skilled craftsmen in-house that work directly with the project team to ensure accuracy and guarantee deadlines are met. Having these resources in-house enables us to push the boundaries of design through active collaboration and concepting. We know custom exhibits are an investment, maintaining our carpentry capabilities allow us to make updates to current structures and to create modular components that fit multiple exhibit layouts to maximize the value of your investment.

CEI are Carpentry Experts

Our carpentry team is part of the foundation of CEI, creating custom structures and design elements for our projects since Day One. Among the CEI team is an experienced group of cabinetmakers and exhibit builders that are highly trained to handle and manipulate a variety of materials to execute personalized designs. Not only does CEI possess the skilled craftsmen to transform raw materials into unique structures and exhibits, but we also maintain state-of-the-art equipment needed to perform all of these functions in-house.

Features & Benefits We Can Provide

  • Control cost and measure of quality
  • Deadline accuracy and cost efficiency from design to completion
  • Highly trained to handle and manipulate a variety of carpentry materials
  • State-of-the-art Equipment and facilities, including CNC Routers

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