Graphic Specs


Accepted Graphic Applications
(ALL graphics should be sent in their original/native formats)
• Adobe Creative Cloud or earlier
(Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
• Adobe Acrobat 9 or earlier
(limited file manipulation)
• QuarkXpress 8.0 or earlier*
*Please include ALL linked files

Accepted File Formats

Accepted File Resolution
• Our preference for resolution is 100dpi at final size.
Please note example below for scanning images at the correct resolution.

Formula: Width or Height (of final) / Width or Height (of original) x 100 = Required scan resolution

FOR EXAMPLE – If you scan a 4″ W x 5″ H photo or slide to create a 36″ W x 48″ H poster, divide the 36″ finished width of the final size by the 4″ original width of the photo. This would give you 9. Then multiple the factor by 100 for your scanning resolution. Your scan resolution would need to be 900dpi.

• RGB is preferred, but CMYK is accepted
• Reference PANTONE solid to process guide for printed solid colors
• PMS color specification required
• If color match is not specified, CEI can not guarantee color output
*Please PROVIDE printed color sample for color matching
(NOTE: Exact color matches are not always possible.)
When building gradient white files that need printed on clear please use a spot color (Spot 1)

• Include all fonts with files
• If using Windows programs, please convert fonts to outlines

• 2 inches for fabric graphics and banners
• 1/8 inch for diecut and CNC-milled graphics.
(NOTE: A vector die guide must be built using Adobe Illustrator. If drawn in Photoshop, please export paths to Illustrator.)Adobe Photoshop
• Layered files are preferred to enable editing for color matching and/or changes .
• Files should be at 100 DPI at FULL SIZE.Adobe Illustrator
• Do NOT embed placed images
• Send linked images
• Use spot colors from PANTONE libraryUnacceptable Artwork Includes
• Power Point presentations
• Microsoft Word
• Photocopies
• Faxes
• Letterheads
• Business cards(NOTE: If necessary, file conversion, retouching, cloning or color correcting will be charged additional labor.)Sending Your Files Electronically
• Email (under 5 MB) to your account manager
(NOTE: Use a file compression software, such as WinZip or StuffIt, if possible.)• FTP – For large graphic uploads or downloads, it is highly recommended that you use a dedicated FTP program. For more information or for Windows/PC users, please click here.

Sending Your Files By Mail
• Send to your account manager
• CEI – 1119 Milan Street – Canal Fulton, OH 44614
• Enclose a hard copy (color print) of the file output for reference
• CDs and DVDs are preferred media for mailing