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The Ultimate Solution in Content Deployment for Kiosks

The uQue CONNECT platform is the perfect solution to educate prospects and customers about your products and services. Easily update content and branding across all CONNECT kiosk installations and collect user analytics from each location utilizing our patent pending Content Management System (CMS).

CONNECT allows you to have a virtual product expert anywhere you need one. Engage and identify prospects that otherwise would have just passed by. Our CMS tracks analytics and details the user’s in-app experience and engagement providing you with valuable customer information. Additionally, if the customer emails themselves content from the device, CONNECT merges those analytics with session tracking. Now you have the lead’s name, email address, company and if they’ve viewed the content they emailed themselves.

CONNECT is “out of the box” ready and is easy to onboard into any marketing program. You can use your company’s own iPad tablets and kiosks or utilize our six hardware variations that are designed to fit into any footprint.

The “Out Of The Box” Kiosk Platform

No matter your need, the CONNECT platform has been specifically designed to meet the different requirements faced in tradeshow, retail and hospitality environments.

Trade show attendees are constantly bombarded with information; the booths that capture their attention in a meaningful, memorable way get the best results. At trade shows, CONNECT is a lead generating machine. Prospective customers are drawn to the 3D holographic Virtual Presenter, which will interactively educate them about your product or service. To provide you with valuable user engagement data, we track analytics on everything at the show and post show. CONNECT was built specifically to leverage meaningful experiences and generate the most qualified leads.

  • Save money on printing and shipping literature to shows without the risk of running out
  • Increase qualified show leads through higher volume of meaningful interactions
  • Capture and track important interaction information
  • Increase booth traffic and lengthen visits
  • No need to pay for expensive internet at the trade show; CONNECT can run offline and provide a consistent experience
  • Product information is easily distributed to attendees via email while in the booth and after the show

Retail is experiencing a major transformation and it is more important than ever to engage shoppers in a meaningful way. CONNECT was designed to give you the ability to control the aisle and attract shoppers that would normally walk past your products.

  • Centrally manage your marketing message by announcing promotions, updating product information and tracking key purchasing behaviors
  • Get shoppers to engage, understand, and see value in your products – helping them overcome any initial sticker shock
  • Provide customers with meaningful information to make complex purchasing decisions
  • Implement new product launch campaigns across your footprint with ease
  • Collect key in-store data to understand the shopper’s decision making process

Hospitality is all about peace-of-mind and convenience. Visitors and guests hate the annoyance of having to seek out the important information they need to get on their way. CONNECT was built to eliminate the added legwork, and instead present visitors and guests with everything they need.

  • Inform and educate visitors about the facility, area offerings and events
  • Get customers quickly to their desired location and increase traffic to new areas
  • Encourage visitors to participate in surveys, download apps and send incentives for local restaurants and entertainment directly to their smart phones
  • Increase your exposure by distributing facility information, press releases and white papers
  • Provide an engaging customer service experience without the need for full-time dedicated staff


  • Full Content Management System (CMS) for easy updates
  • User interface (UI) branded to match your corporate standards
  • Full-content management system (CMS) allows you to make last minute updates and easily organize uploaded documents
  • Everything is backed up in the cloud for peace of mind
  • Comprehensive analytical capabilities allow for data capture of key consumer behaviors
  • Motion sensor technology allows for motion-triggered engagement

We offer six versions of CONNECT hardware: Basic, Pro, Edge Mini, Edge, 3D Mini and 3D.

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