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BizBOOK: The CMS designed specifically for the Sales Process

Execute more efficiently on your Sales and Marketing strategy by utilizing BizBOOK with your team. The BizBOOK Content Management System (CMS) is an easy way to load, manage and distribute content to your team’s mobile devices, ensuring they always have the latest sales materials when in the field. Easily organize your content within the BizBOOK app by specific categories. Inspect each document in full view and zoom in on illustrations, charts, photos and email links directly to the customer in seconds. BizBOOK also plays videos on demand, making it a great tool to quickly illustrate the features and benefits of your products.

BizBOOK Adds Value to your Sales and Marketing Process

What is the cost of delaying information to a prospect or missing an opportunity because you weren’t prepared? With over 40 years of experience operating in the event and tradeshow industry, we understand the importance of face-to-face selling and how critically important each opportunity is. Today’s sales environment is no longer confined to the office, sales professionals must be prepared to have a sales conversation anywhere and everywhere. More and more often the best sales opportunities are occurring outside of the office. This makes having an organized CMS that your sales users actually use very important.

The big-name file hosting platforms are only focused on generic file storage and transfer. BizBOOK was developed specifically for the sales and marketing processes, designed to give you full control of your organizations content across your entire team with ease. Upload, organize and share the most up-to date materials while tracking team activity and key analytics. All this is stored locally on any users smart device, reducing your environmental footprint, saving on printing costs and ensuring that the content is always available to your users even when they don’t have an internet connection.

BizBOOK Features & Benefits

  • Custom branding across the platform for a consistent brand experience
  • Built-in analytics to track how the CMS is used to improve and refine the selling process
  • Works offline and syncs to the Cloud when connected to the internet
  • Supports a wide range of file types, all viewable within the BizBOOK application itself
  • Keep track of your most requested content and monitor the productivity of your sales staff
  • Create groups to share common content and easily tailor content for specific users
  • Full set of web based analytics provides reports that can be exported as Excel or PDF files

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