FTP Site: ftp.ceilink.com

User Name: (supplied by account manager)
Password: (supplied by account manager)

The best tool for transferring files via FTP is a dedicated FTP program such as CuteFTP or SmartFTP on the PC and Fetch or Transmit on a Mac. Many PCs do not have this software installed so we have another option for those running XP that does not require purchasing FTP software. XP instructions follow below or you can download a PDF file at the top of this page.

While this will assist FTP users on a Windows XP machine, it does not work for Mac users. A dedicated FTP program is required for access to our FTP site if you are using a Mac.

With the release of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft essentially stripped FTP capabilities from the web browser and has forced us to rely on Windows XP for any FTP functionality. Most other web browsers do not support FTP directly and rely on the operating system as well.

It is important to remember that the best tool for transferring files via FTP is a dedicated FTP program. These programs usually have the ability to resume failed downloads of large files as well as other features. Since many clients do not have these on their PCs, we have another solution for those running XP that is fairly reliable but does not allow you to resume a download/upload in progress if the transfer is interrupted.

1. Open up “My Computer”.

2. In the address area where it says “My Computer” type in ftp.ceilink.com

(If you do not see the address bar, it can be turned on by going to view/toolbars in the menu at the top and checking the “address bar”. This feature is typically turned on by default.)

3. Press enter when you are done typing and you will get the following error message:”Windows can not access this folder. Make sure you have typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to acess this folder.”

This error is normal and is expected as our FTP site does not allow for anonymous logons. User name and password must entered.

4. Go to the file menu and select the option that says “Login as” to enable editing for color matching and/or changes.

A login window will pop up and ask for username and password. Use the same username and password provided to you by your account manager, then click the logon button.

If you entered the username and password correctly you will be directed into a windows style folder that shows the contents of the FTP site for that client.

5. Each client is directed to a unique folder based on username. This folder will now behave like a Windows folder. You can drag and drop files to and from this. Remember that this is a connection made over the internet so expect it to take some time to move large files. The upload times vary depending on the time of day and the traffic on the internet. Typically downloads will be much faster than uploads.

If you have any questions please call your account representative.