CEI integrates creative and engaging interactive solutions into exhibits to help attract prospects and convert leads into sales. For example, a kiosk featuring a 3D holographic Virtual Presenter is an exciting way to interactively educate prospects about your products or services.

With over 40 years of experience in the event and tradeshow industry, CEI understands the importance of face-to-face selling. Now you can access product information and store contacts all in one place using software solutions that help sales reps reach more attendees at live events.  

Connect + Manage

CEI offers two software packages, CONNECT and BizBOOK. The CONNECT platform helps educate customers about products and services from self-serving kiosks. Prospects can interact with presentations and then email themselves more information while face detection and tracking software provide valuable analytics on participation.

BizBOOK allows you to access digital content quickly and easily from any mobile device. Download marketing collateral to share product specs with customers, collect contact information for follow-ups and improve collaboration with team members anytime, anywhere.

CONNECT - Interactive Kiosks

A virtual product expert to engage and track prospects.

BizBOOK - Face-to-Face Selling Tools

Instant access to product and service info from any mobile device

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