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Project Background

Patio Enclosures, a leading brand in the sunroom and screen room space, approached CEI to create an augmented reality-based sunroom designer and 3D visualizer application. The Patio Enclosure Augmented Reality (AR) 3D Patio Visualizer application features Patio Enclosure’s full brand and product portfolio and was developed for their Design Consultants to use during visits with potential customers. After using the sunroom configurator to create a 3D model of a space, the Design Consultant switches to AR mode and displays the 3D model in the real environment. Once the model is placed into position, homeowners use the Design Consultant’s mobile tablet to take a 360-degree tour through and around the design.


Homeowners have trouble visualizing what a sunroom or screen room would look like at their home. They find comparing the similarities and differences between all the products and product variations overwhelming. Patio Enclosures needed to provide their designers with an industry-leading tool that would make this process easier.


The Patio Enclosures and CEI teams met to discuss customer needs, the sales process and the products that would be featured in the application. CEI attended customer visits with Patio Enclosure Design Consultants to experience the process first hand and identify opportunities. CEI also met with Patio Enclosure’s product engineers to understand the rules/constraints required to design a sunroom. Each of Patio Enclosure’s product lines had a separate set of rules CEI had to program into the application to ensure that each 3D sunroom in the application would match the sunroom they built onsite.

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CEI leveraged its 3D modeling, 3D animation, and programming capabilities, as well as, experience with augmented reality to create a custom made, fully visual application. The fully custom app that was built also incorporated a CMS (content management system) allowing Patio Enclosure’s team update the app easily. The Patio Enclosures app also captures analytics that enable them to see how the app is being used by their Design Consultants, how often it is used and what products are the most popular.


The result was the Patio Enclosures Sunroom Designer and 3D Visualizer. This exclusive application eased the process for the homeowner and made it easier for Design Consultants to present their ideas and product recommendations. Homeowners were also more engaged as they were able to interact with the designs and products like never before.

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