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Hawken School, Holtrey Swim Hall

Hawken School Logo
  • Pool Entrance Signage
  • Printed Wall Graphics
  • 6 Record Boards
  • 4 Trophy Cases


Hawken School


  • Strategic Planning
  • Design and Engineering
  • Carpentry
  • Graphics Production
  • Logistics & On-site Operations

Creating An Inspirational Environment

In 1969 Mr. Holtrey became the Varsity swim coach at Hawken, a college preparatory day school in Northeast Ohio. They won 26 state titles during his 45-year tenure and also produced numerous college scholarships and several Olympic swimmers. Hawken wanted to honor his legacy and achievements at the new upper campus pool.


CEI needed to connect Mr. Holtrey’s 45-year history of excellence to today’s athletes in a transformative space. We needed to create an environment that would inspire generations to come and promote Hawken’s culture.

Hawken School - Holtrey Swim Hall Fabrication


We started this project by learning about Mr. Holtrey’s story. It was important for our designers to feel connected to the narrative we needed to tell visually. Knowing what makes the school unique from a design standpoint was crucial as well.

Hawken School - Holtrey Swim Hall Carpentry


Our solution used materials such as Wainscoting and Gates Mills green to integrate the Holtry Swim Hall design with the rest of the building while still providing an innovative look. Architectural nods and a color scheme were chosen to fit the hall. We created the entry signage, six record boards, four trophy cases, and wall graphics that are all meant to celebrate Mr. Holtrey’s work ethic while educating and inspiring future athletes.

Hawken School - Holtrey Swim Hall - Exhibit
Hawken School - Holtrey Swim Hall - Exhibit
Holtrey Swim Hall of Fame Exhibit


In the end, we created a transformative space that exceeded expectations. The hall continues to inspire student-athletes at Hawken to be the best they can be.

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